I  spent yesterday at City Airport. Whilst there a plane was taking off every 5 minutes, blasting yet more CO2 into the atmosphere.  Our obstruction annoyed many passengers going to and from the terminal. Not one passed a remark of support or opposition in my hearing.  They were all just intent on flying no matter what the cost to the environment and future generations.  They cannot possibly be unaware of the damage their cavalier use of aeroplanes is causing, but not one wished to engage in discussion or even condemnation.

XR is constantly changing its tactics, avoiding persistently hitting the same constituency of people, spreading its message as widely as possible.

The imminent General Election presents a new challenge and opportunity.

I suggest it would be good to try to organise the growing number of XR activists to campaign for whichever political parties publish convincing, concrete plans for the economy to reach zero carbon emissions by 2025; no ifs, no buts, a copper-bottomed commitment regardless of the votes this  idealistic, principled, planet-saving strategy  might cost them among their traditional supporters.