The Iran situation is building up to be a repeat of Iraq.

Donald Trump, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo: was there ever such a trio of warmongers?

They claim there is solid evidence that Iran is behind the attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of  Oman. This is a reprise of the “ solid evidence”  that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

The Iraq war cost millions of lives of innocent people and set the Middle East alight and it is still burning.

But America’s objective was achieved: US companies now have their hands on Iraq’s oil.

It was Trump who pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal and is now piling on the sanctions.

The Iranian regime is nasty, led by bigoted  religious extremists. Trump’s regime is nasty and in hock  to bigoted religious extremists of the far right.  There is little to choose between them.

But it is Trump who started this latest threat to world peace and Trump who has been daily pumping out the poison.  He is not to be trusted.

Why would Iran attack oil tankers in its own backyard?  This crisis threatens to bring oil exports from the Middle East to a halt just when Iran is desperate to salvage its economy by boosting oil exports.

Would Iran attack a Japanese ship in the midst of a visit by the Japanese premier to Tehran, which is highly prized as an opportunity to salvage its economy by a trade deal with Japan?


Trump’s main bit of evidence is a video of Iranian soldiers removing, yes, not planting, removing a supposed limpet mine from a tanker.  Hardly bang to rights.

Of course, our limpid, puppet government falls in line, just as Blair’s government did   in 2003.

So, who could be responsible for the attacks?

There are plenty of non-government nihilist groups in the Middle East only too eager to stir the cauldron of chaos. I would not put it beyond Saudi Arabia, Israel or the US CIA, who all want to see Iran brought low, regardless of the cost.


Jeremy Corbyn is right to urge caution, just as he was right to disbelieve the dodgy dossier that led to war with Iraq.