1. The enemy is the busybody loon who goes around the streets picking up the mess you have painstakingly made. It is your creation, your mark on the world. It should be left alone.

So, make his/her life as difficult as possible.

  1. Remember: never screw-up the crisp packet when dropping it. Leave it open to collect rain.
  2. Remember: a newspaper is ideal litter. When wet, it is nice and heavy. When still dry it falls to bits and gets blown everywhere.
  3. Remember: try never to drop paper until you have torn it into as many pieces as possible.
  4. Remember: by leaving some liquid in the bottle or can, it is heavier and so it can be thrown further.
  5. Remember: if you are chucking a closable can or bottle with carbonated drink in it, first give it a good shake. The enemy will want to empty it, so that it is lighter and when they open it, the liquid will spray them. It’s a pity you are not there to see it and enjoy.
  6. Spread your mess more widely by chucking it from your car.
  7. Pass on the message to all your mates: only a wuss uses a litter bin. Let the people wade in it.