More on the most dangerous man in the world

The Donald is at it again.

On 8th May, one year after he pulled out of the 2015 international nuclear deal with Iran   ─  earning himself hugs and kisses from that corrupt war criminal,  Netanyahu  ─  the Iranian President (another obscurantist bigot) announced that, as the US is no longer abiding by the deal, he feels under no obligation to comply and so he will resume uranium enrichment.

In addition, Donald has been playing with his toy soldiers again and has moved an aircraft carrier task force to the Gulf, because his best buddy, Netanyahu, claims to have intelligence (don’t laugh) indicating that Iran is a mounting threat to neighbouring states. And, of course, we want no war to overshadow the imminent Eurovision Song Contest, for which Israel is temporarily relocated from Asia to Europe.

Trump’s week would not be complete without another swipe at the climate change campaigners.  To be fair on him, his latest line appears to be that climate change is real, but it is not due to human activity and it is well within the capacity of America’s genius president to protect his people from any adverse effects.

Rising sea-level may put New York, New Orleans, Baltimore and Miami in jeopardy, but Trump will do a Canute and hold back the ocean.

Within a day of the publication of the UN report on environmental degradation and species extinction, the US refused to sign an agreement between eight nations bordering the Arctic aimed at protecting it from the conditions which are currently inflicting on it temperature rises going up twice as fast as the rest of the planet.  The agreement could hardly be considered radical. It would commit the US,  Canada, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland to limiting  “development” and resource extraction within the Arctic Circle to what is “sustainable”.  The only real way to protect the Arctic is to leave it alone, untouched, while meeting the global temperature rise limit agreed at Paris in 2019.

The US objected to the wording of the Arctic agreement because it describes climate change as a threat to the Arctic and while  Trump now accepts that there is climate change, he does not accept that anything should be done about it.

Doubtless, trump’s corporate supporters are applauding, as they want nothing to get in their way in plundering the Arctic’s reserves of oil,  natural gas, zinc, iron, and valuable rare-earth metals.


Trump is the monster due to arrive here in June on a State Visit.  No sooner had he been elected that Theresa May fell over herself to be the first to issue an invitation to him, in the hope of getting a post-Brexit trade deal.