Jeremy Hunt, with his little boy haircut and elfin smirk, reminds one of the younger Tony Bliar in his Bambi stage and both are wedded to neo-liberal economics and gradual privatisation of the NHS.

Hunts’s record since 2010:

  • 8,300 fewer specialist nurses,
  • 8,549 fewer hospital beds,
  • 61 ambulance stations closed,
  • 16 per cent of A&Es closed or down-graded, and waits over 4 hours at 10-year high,
  • 9 per cent funding cut per patient planned 2010 to 2019,
  • £16 billion of NHS contracts tendered to private firms,
  • Small wonder £20 million of Tory donations are from private health firms,
  • 40,000 shortfall in nurses,
  • 6,000 shortfall in doctors,
  • Impending crisis in GP provision largely ignored,
  • Continued reliance on importing nurses and doctors and gawd ‘elp us after BREXIT,
  • Fewer doctors in relation to population than other G7 nations,
  • Bursaries for trainee nurses and midwives ended,
  • First-ever strike of hospital doctors provoked.

And still they claim the NHS is safe in their hands.