24/7 there are giant artics rolling off Edgington Way into the Coca Cola factory in Sidcup in order to load up with plastic bottles and aluminium cans of the sugary stuff, then taking it to all parts of the country, where it swells bellies and creates litter.

Coca Cola equals litter, obesity and diabetes.

In Britain alone, 16 million plastic bottles, the majority of them Coke bottles enter the environment EVERY DAY.  Britain produced more plastic in the last 10 years than in the whole of the 20th century. Most of it is single-use for food or drink. “Live life on the go”, say the ads. Life on the go means fast junk food and that means litter.

This island of in a remote part of the Pacific has an estimated 38 million items of plastic waste from all parts of the world.Beyond a doubt, the planet would be much better off without us

Much of the plastic finishes up in the oceans. In mid-Pacific, there is an island of floating plastic which is the size of France.  It is there as a consequence of an estimated 8 billion Tonnes of plastic, world-wide, finishing up in the sea each year. Some of us are conducting an ironical campaign to have this island recognised by the UN as a country.  The Coke company could try to redeem itself a little by permanently positioning a ship in the middle of the island so that Rubbishland could have a capital.