Deriding the Donald has become a bit like snatching sweets from a toddler.

But he does keep asking for it.

Now he is saving the human race by conducting an experiment on himself. If successful, it will be, in his own words: “One of the biggest game-changers in the history of medicine.”

And who will we have to thank for this historic break-through?  Yes,  Trump.


Of course, it may just be trumpery, defined by the OED as deceit, fraud, trickery, or something of no value, a trifle, or trash.

He knows better than the medics, who say that the drug hydroxychloroquine, sold as Plaquenil,  is not only of no use  as a treatment for Covid-19, but potentially having serious , life-threatening side-effects.

The US Federal Drugs Agency  (FDA) banned its sale up to mid-March, because the Indian manufacturer did not meet good manufacturing practices.  This was a pity, because  Trump’s family trusts have big investments in Sanofi, the pharmaceutical company behind  hydroxychloroquine.

Following Trump’s  valiant self-experimentation, the Indian government has earned the President’s approval by ordering big supplies of the drug and the USA has  bought 29 million doses. Even if the drug is eventually proved beyond any doubt to be nothing more than snake-oil, trumpery, in the face of Covid-19.  The holy  family will have made a  packet. Drinks all round.