Even before Trump was elected, Noam Chomsky described the USA, in light of its foreign policies, as the most dangerous country in the world.

Trump, self-proclaimed genius, with the physical condition of an Olympic athlete, is the most dangerous man in the world, beating Putin to the title by a mile.


He has withdrawn the US from the Paris Climate Change Accord, because he knows better than all the scientists and better than the 100 nations who have signed up to the Accord. The wildfires in California have nothing to do with climate change, being due to the fact that the forest managers do not clear the fallen leaves and shed branches from the forest floor.

He is bosom pals with Netanyahu and would no doubt ascribe the string of corruption charges against the Israeli PM as a witch-hunt. He supports Israel’s constant settlement building on Palestinian land, despite it being contrary to international law and repeated UN resolutions.

His ambassador to NATO has threatened to bomb Russia in order to “take out” their ballistic missiles because they violate the 1987 Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty and Trump has threatened to withdraw the US from the Treaty, expecting us all to ignore the fact that Trump has inaugurated an armaments “modernisation programme” worth $1.5 trillion, so that US military spending equals that of the next 10 countries in the world put together. The military-industrial complex loves him. It is this spending which accounts for the largest element of his much-vaunted economic growth.

Trump probably wants to pursue the same policy as Reagan: keep expanding the arms programme so that, in trying to keep up, Russia busts its economy.

Even Britain’s Tory government, although in bed with the US, is not going to withdraw from the INF.

Trump has denounced the 2010 ‘New Start’ Treaty (NST) which expires in 2021 and limits the number of strategic warheads deployed by the US and Russia. With the death of both the INF and the NST, for the first time in 50 years, it will be a complete free-for-all in expanding nuclear arsenals.

It will be back to the Cold War with a vengeance.


All that is on top of the populist extreme rightwing virus he has unleashed in the US, which has spread to his clone in Brazil and clones throughout Europe.

This man-baby  is truly the most dangerous man in the world.