The Saudi flag appropriately has a sword

The torture, killing and dismembering of a journalist is par for the course for Saudi Arabia.  There they behead, stone to death and amputate limbs by the week.

They may be murderous bastards, being freer with medieval punishments than any other nation and bombing Yemen back into the Stone Age,  but they are OUR murderous bastards.

The dynasty dates back to the 18th and 19th century wars between the tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. Promised power by Lawrence of Arabia in exchange for fighting the Ottoman Empire in WW1, the Saud family has been supported by the British ever since, because we prize their oil and their spending of billions on armaments and Harrods shopping.


Is the UK government likely to ban arms sales? Not on your life. Armaments and crime are our only remaining growth industries.

What upsets me most in this whole sad story is the inaction of the trade unions in BAE Systems.

I know that the company is their source of income, but how do these employees live with themselves?  Asked in retirement by a grandchild: “How did you earn your living, Grandpa?”  The honest answer would be: “I helped rich men and evil politicians to kill little children like you.”