This is just the start.

This fly-tip appeared on Boxing Day, dumped on the Chislehurst Common verge alongside Royal Parade by an anti-social brainless git, whose miserable life is being led at the expense of the rest of us. May the worthless creature rot in hell.

On the evening of Christmas Day there appeared a bin-bag containing a couple of dozen aluminium foil food trays, which had contained a pre-cooked Christmas dinner sufficient for several people. The trays would have been re-cyclable, if washed. The bag was stuffed into a street litterbin  ─ which constitutes a fly-tipping offence ─ by a local ignoramus.

Stuffed into another litterbin was a box containing a bundle of envelopes which had contained Christmas cards, together with some plastic bottles, all only partially emptied.

Having left his name and address on the envelopes, this box of rubbish, all of which should have been re-cycled could be returned to Mr Searle of 4 Crown Lane, Chislehurst. Unfortunately, he was not at home when I delivered his rubbish and so I could not explain that I was saving him a Bromley Council £80 fine for fly-tipping. I am here naming and shaming the thoughtless  twerp.

Over the course of the next few weeks, the Common will be a dumping ground for Christmas trees, just it was a dumping ground for pumpkins after Halloween.

Last year, at this time, I found the remains of a turkey dumped on the street, a box of empty wine bottles and another large box containing several empty beer bottles.  All of these bottles would have been collected for re-cycling by the Council, but the idiot who dumped them was perhaps marking his territory, just like a dog cocking its leg against lamp posts

One would think this was a third world country with no refuse collection systems.

The gormless have not got their heads round the idea of re-cycling and cannot fathom the local council’s collection schedule. These will be the same people who empty their cars of rubbish as they drive along the roads. They do it because they know they will not be caught and because they have only contempt for the environment and for the rest of us, who have to put up with their fecklessness. I spend a lot of time each week picking up their rubbish and cursing them. If only a fraction of my curses was successful, many of the culprits would be dead.