We know he is a genius, because he told us so. He can walk on water, defy gravity and tweet faster than the speed of light. He can defy scientific laws, so why not defy international laws?

When extreme rightwing armed Israeli settlers take over bits of the West Bank, they are no longer defying international law.  After all, the relevant law was laid down only by the United Nations, not by Donald Trump.

In similar vein, he has relocated the Golan Heights from Syria to Israel. He will eventually move Greenland to the USA; once he has found room for it.

There is nothing this man cannot do.

Why has he chosen this particular time to make such an announcement?

Firstly, it is a distraction.  He wants to draw attention away from his mounting problems in Washington.

Secondly, he wants to give a helping hand to his accomplice in international crime, Netanyahu, who is having trouble forming a government.

Thirdly, he wants to help himself in the forthcoming presidential election by strengthening his backing from the egregious pro-Israel lobby in the USA.

This latest move has already won the support of the Young Earth Creationists, who know the Earth was created only 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, and the Flat-Earth protagonists.

All the crazies are welcome to join the Trump supporters club.