There are 74 million who voted for him, many  still convinced that the presidential election was stolen from them, despite Trump’s case having been lost in every court to which it was taken.

The Washington Post , on 15th January 2021, likened Trump to Hitler.

In November 1923, there was the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler hatched a plot to take over the Bavarian State government, peddling conspiracy theories and outright lies about the alleged treachery of Jews and socialists.

The plot was a farcical failure, but just 10 years later, the Nazis swept to power, provoked the 2nd World War and murdered 6 million Jews.

Last summer, I was walking through Chislehurst Common wearing a T-shirt embossed with ‘DUMP TRUMP’ .  A cyclist, taking  exception to my slogan, turned on me to declare: “Trump is great”.

I wonder if that remains his view. The storming of the Capitol on 6th January failed, but just suppose the National Rifle Association, Trump and the MAGA (Make America Great Again) leaders had called for the demonstrators to come armed with their Armalites, AK 47s and revolvers.  The outcome could have been very different.

The Confederate flag was marched into the Capitol, reflecting the deep-seated racism of Trump’s followers.

As President he has repeatedly demonstrated his racist views. In the 1970s he was sued by the US Dept. of Justice for racial discrimination, refusing to rent his properties to Afro-Americans. Of course, he has made the outrageous claim that he has done more for the benefit of black Americans than any previous president.  Another of his myths. There are millions of guns floating around in the US population. With their leader humiliated by being displaced from the presidency and possibly successfully impeached for a second time, the gormless followers of this delusional demagogue might respond to a call for armed insurrection and might even respond to such criminal lunacy as a move to reintroduce slavery.  Far too outlandish to contemplate?  Thousands of Trump’s far right Evangelical followers  look upon him as the Second Coming of Jesus.

It would be dangerous to under-estimate what Trump might yet do.