Tuesday’s anti-Trump demo was a great success.  I found the atmosphere festive and solidly united against this unpleasant, alien creature. In the official photographs, he and his family members look as if they are made of plastic.

My question to Mrs Trump would be: What led you to marry an egotistical lard-arse, who happens to be a multi-billionaire?

Considering that Tuesday  was an ordinary working day and the weather forecast was rain, the turn-out was impressive.  The demonstrators took up the whole width of Whitehall in moving from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square.

Predictably, Trump dismissed the protest demo as fake news, claiming that all those thousands were, in fact, welcoming him.


Well, a man who can dismiss climate change as just a conspiracy, probably believes in fairies living at the bottom of the White House garden.


I can imagine the Queen’s comments to Philip while dressing for that State Dinner. “I’ve got to be pleasant to that bloody awful man.

“Theresa May offered him a State Visit without a word to me. Does she not understand that I, I am the Head of State!  Thatcher thought she had precedence over me. May is no Thatcher, but has just as much cheek. Thank goodness she’s going.  Mind you, I dread to think what will come in her place.”

Bonking Boris Johnson and Niggle Fromage will be delighted by Trump’s comments in their favour.

All is forgiven and forgotten, it seems.  Back in 2015, when Johnson was still Mayor of London, he decried Trump’s “stupefying ignorance” and deemed him “unfit” for high office. Of course, he would like to be seen as the British version of Trump. Millions of silly people would be happy to see him as Prime Minister. If reminded of his philandering, they will take the view that he may be a naughty boy, but that just shows that, despite his money and his Eton-and-brought-up background, he is “one of us”.  He has lost weight, had a haircut and takes the hard line on Brexit that will appeal to the far right and those unaware of the risks involved in being governed by WTO regulations. His big lie over the £350 million a week will be forgiven.

Johnson as PM is my nightmare scenario.